Friday, December 19, 2008

Helo!! - Olympic football team

Yes I'm still alive if a little slack on the blogging front. However today I ended up on Radio Cymru debating a British team for the 2012 Olympics. Why I'l never know, I assume they were short of contributors!!

Seems like a bit of harmless fun to me - but there is big football politics in the background it seems.

Oh well better let Tony Mowbray he is not lined as Olympic manager yet, and Scott Carson that he is not yet the Olympic number one.

But would it really be such a bad thing for the 2012 Olympics .......


Robert said...

name a Welsh Player who would be in the team name a Scot name an Irish player then name how many would be subs, all you would have is an English team called GB.

You want to run a Team make it amateur.

Martin Eaglestone said...

A bit late in reponding but I would guess several Premiership clubs would not allow main players to appear (as usual) and players like Ramsey, Bale etc will be stars by 2012 and more than ready. Scotland would struggle more than Wales in my humble opinion to provide players but whoever is best at the time would be included to reflect team GB spirit. It would be a bit of fun - loosen up all round!