Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Battling Barry" joins campaign

It is always a great pleasure to welcome as large a character as Barry Jones, Lord Barry these days, to the campaign. He has so much experience to share of Labour politics and is an unashamed old fashioned campaigner. A pleasant days campaigning in Llanberis and here we are with the famous cup of tea at Pete's Eats in Llanberis.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Some shock news !!

Can I share a few thoughts with visitors to my blog.

As far as I know I am the only candidate in Arfon bothering to maintain a blog as the campaign goes on, even though it means working through some diatribes that I suugest are very unlikely to draw a response from me. Why don't people set up their own blogs if they want to slag off Labour- cos' I aint gonna get involved.

Secondly my blog will contain commentary on Plaid here in Arfon, part of fortress Gwynedd and land of Arianrhod. A land where we are so well off we can turn down economic investment like a marina in Pwllheli, Snowdonia Gateway in Llanberis etc. Clearly Plaid feel we have enough jobs and wealth.

Thirdly, and a request to certain knockers, why won't these people of such strong views at least provide profiles so we know who we are delaing with. Someone has suggested that some postings are Plaid staff out to spread muck and defend AFJ. I don't know but some open profiles (like mine) would help us to know what we are dealing with.

Some ideas I don't get !

Following the "unseemly" (as I think Waterfront described it) scenes at the Galeri my blog has been posting some heated debates on the Plaid-Tory story, why Alun Ffred has no blog/website, what has he done etc etc.

It includes the following comment from Cymro that suggests a coalition with the Tories would not give the Conservatives power !!!!!

"The Tories are the party of cuts and inequality - if they win power it would be bad news, I have no doubt, whether in Cardiff or Westminster. But in a coalition where they are the minority party, they are not in power - Plaid have already said that it will be a parnership on their terms".

Sorry the logic of that argument escapes me and I can see why Plaid's strategy could be in trouble if this is what their supporters thinking. Nick Bourne would be delighted to read this deluded thinking as his ministers wield power in a coalition.

Look busy - the boss is coming !

Rhodri called by in Caernarfon yesterday evening and gave an "official opening" to the election centre. Here we are posing for the local press.
Members were in good heart and pleased to welcome our leader. Now just a small matter of 20,000 introductory leaflets to deliver..........

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Positve politics

I think Adam Price said something to the effect that the pledge on the anti-Tory coalition gave politics a bad name. It was nice to see Leighton Andrews blog showing Plaid's positive politics at work.

We're off !

It is best to get the business side sorted quickly so here I was with nomination form off to see the staff of the Returning Officer. Thankfully I returned with an acceptance form as well. So it seems Labour are up and running in Arfon.

I suggested that nominations be closed today - but noone listened.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Famous in his own lunchtime

The heavyweight petition obviously helped to liven the Plaid conference and blog land. Wales elects 2007 gives a nice round up.

Glyn's admiring glance

Glyn Davies obviuosly sees the "stunt" / "comic relief" / heavyweight petition (my phrase) as cause for passing some admiring words. In spite of his praise I don't feel able to wander under Plaid-Tory rainbow.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What did it say ?

Amongst the general excitement it is easy to overlook the obvious. Someone in Caernarfon today asked me "What was on the board?".

Well here it is prior to my signature, but with Rhodri's in place.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


From Plaid's media centre :

"Media Centre

“Plaid ready to deliver for Wales” – Plaid Leader
24 March 2007
Plaid Leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones, today stated that Plaid Cymru is ready to deliver for Wales" ......

The Conservative Party

(and Atilla the Hun!)

The things people say (Part 2)

The BBC have updated their conference post and it seems even Atilla the Hun has a chance in order to get Ieaun crowned as king.

What a pity that Dafydd Wigley might the beneficiary of all this toil.

Clearly the 400 votes that Ieuan notched up with the Tories was only the start. We can now look forward to welcoming Plaid's star speaker next year - Mr John Redwood on a theme like "The benefits of partnership government in a new Europe" !!

The things people say

A friend phoned me to say Adam Price was heard on the news saying the stunt didn't help politics (or something similar) - of course Mr Price sort of ignored the large snail on Plaid's advertising board just a few feet away from our little debate in the sunshine about the pledge.

So it seems an invitation to sign a straightforward pledge, that there will be no coalition with the Tories, is somehow a threat to politics. However a large snail photo on a lorry is okay ! (you can look elsewhere for the advert!)

It is strange the things people say.

Ieuan's non appearance

Here's the BBC take on Ieaun's non appearance.

Wedi gwnued yr addewid

Wel ar rhan pobl Arfon a Cymru rwyf i a Rhodri Morgan wedi gaddo ddim gymblaid gyda'r Ceidwadwyr - ond mae Ieaun Wyn Jones wedi methu. Dyma Adam Price AS - lle mae'r Aelod Cynulliad Alun Ffred Jones (?) - yn trio gorau glas i tynnu sylw o'r datganiad. Ond mae'r weithred wedi ei wneud a mae llofnod Martin a Rhodri mewn le. Mr Jones ???

Ieaun fails the Tory test

So on a glorious sunny day in Caernafon we visited the Plaid Cymru conference to invite their leader Mr Ieuan Wyn Jones to sign our pledge of no coalition with the Tories. A friendly group of Plaid activists greeted us and they decided to lead their response with an MP - strange as the pledge relates to the Assembly.

Anyway I signed the pledge for the people of Arfon and the people of Wales but Mr Jones did not show.

Here we are offering our pledge to Mr Jones - he failed the test.

Friday, March 23, 2007

How quickly the times change (when convenient)

In January I posted about Plaid's involvement in a language protest in Bangor leading to some Cymdeithas arrests in Morrisons - see here. Ther was not enough Welsh in use.

Okay I accepted that this is a legitimate issue, close to many nationalists hearts and there is a long tradition of law breaking back to the 1960's :

"During the 1960s and 1970s similar non-violent protests followed and campaigners were fined or imprisoned. Among them was Dafydd Iwan, the popular Welsh singer".

So from the 1960's to 2007 in Bangor we see a radical line of Welsh political life fighting for bilingualism.

So why therefore would Dafydd Iwan's brother, the Plaid candidate in Arfon - Alun Ffred Jones, place English only adverts in the Bangor Mail ? Surely not to try and fool the more cosmopolitan Bangor ?

Yes, the advert happened this week in at least two papers (so no mistake) and I must assume the local MP Hywel Williams will now lead the language protestors on his own office, as it shared by the AM, for placing these monolingual adverts. I wonder what Plaid's manifesto and fringe meeting are telling others to do with the language ?

Morrisons, BT etc please take note that monolingual adverts are good enough for Plaid so why should you worry ?

ps My advice is that everyone should have a respect for our bilingual, and cosmopolitan, community and try and make a contribution. I include Morrison's, BT etc in that but will do not yet see a need to legislate to that effect.

Snail needs a ladder

So there I was driving in to Bangor on a Friday morning for some election business when I come across a man gallantly trying to stick Plaid's election poster on his van. A bit of wind, flapping paper and so call for the ladder.

Anyway here is the evidence of a campaign almost in tatters on the side of the road .....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

If Ieuan is "king" then wales can have the Tories

Perhaps Dragon Eye's most useful interview of recent weeks. After squirming around the Plaid-Tory coalition question (not possible etc) then Ieaun spilt the beans - if he is "king" (ie First Minister) then he is also happy for Wales to have the Tories.

I think he even said the people of Ynys Mon can elect the First Minister (to try and see off the fresh challenge of Peter Rogerrs). I don't quite think that post is in the gift of the good people of Anglesey.

I warned you : Vote Plaid and get the Tories


Vote Eaglestone and get Wigley too

Plaid,affordable housing and those business deals

Firstly I have little doubt that affordable housing is a key issue in our communities and I spend some of my working time dealing with affordable housing issues in the planning system. That quickly teaches you what a complex problem this is.

But this type of challenge from Plaid Cymru should not go without comment as we can look at their track record here in Gwynedd where the Party of Wales hold power in the council.

Firstly the council seems generally obsessed with restricting planning for new homes as they fear the evil developers will run riot. In spite of this they can approve apartments costing some £300-500,000 in a new project on Victoria Dock, Caernarfon. I am sure the people of Caernarfon are very thankful that such affordable units were negotiated on Plaid's own doorstep. Perhaps Alun Ffred Jones, Dafydd Wigley and Ieaun Wyn Jones had been distracted by the pads in Cardiff Bay.

I just hope no Plaid councillors have taken options on the flats, nor their major supporters (is it do as I say or do as I do ?) Any names accepted with interest !!

(No need to blog, you can visit and then e-mail in privacy).

Plaid's annual conference meets next door to the new Victoria Dock development this week, and luckily one of the companies in which Dafydd Iwan is a board member (Arianrhod) managed to buy another adjoining property from Gwynedd Council where he of course leads on regeneration and other issues. I understand that Arianrhod may have paid more than a pound for their building- perhaps Dafydd should ask for an inquiry ! Anyway I digress ...

We also know that Gwynedd Council consistently failed to spend money allocated for social housing in the county - was it six million pound, allocated but not spent, at the last count ?

Finally I do struggle with this idea for a grant for new home buyers - by the way would Alun Ffred Jones and Dafydd Wigley call this "grant" a "bribe" as they recently described grants for inward investment ?

The grant is to be means tested - can we have details please !.

Won't the market just adjust prices as more new entrants come forward ? Estate agents must be delighted and Plaid may well fuel the very problem they are trying to address.

So Thursday nights pub quiz :

a) Is the house buying "grant" a "bribe" ?

b) Which members/supporters of Plaid have taken options/purchased flats in Victoria Dock ?

c) How many other deals/properties has the 'Arianrhod' company, of which Dafydd Iwan is a board member, secured in Gwynedd over recent years ?

d) How much grant money has this company received via objective one etc ?

e) Does anyone have details of the means test to be applied to the housing grant ?

I must have missed some questions !

Ten tit bits

I will allow myself some useful propoganda explaining 10 facts on how Wales has changed for the better since 1997, they are:

Fact One: Today there are 8,000 more qualified nurses and 500 more consultants working for the NHS and helping to cut waiting times and treat more patients than in 1997.

Fact Two: In 1997 capital investment in the NHS was £100 million and falling. Today it is £300 million and rising. (giving us new facilities at Ysbyty Gwynedd)

Fact Three: Under the Tories 70 hospitals were closed. Today in Wales seven new hospitals have been built or are on the way. (have you been to Tremadog to see the new hospital under construction ?)

Fact Four: In 1997, 37 per cent (and rising) of Welsh children lived in poverty. Today, Labour action has helped to cut that to 17 per cent (and falling). (and we are pledging to go further)

Fact Five: In 1997 there were no Police Community Support Officers in Wales helping to cut anti-social behaviour. Today there are nearly 400 – and rising.

Fact Six: Today in Wales there are nearly 1,000 more police officers than in 1997. This has helped to slash crime rates in Wales by over 30 per cent. Under the Tories recorded crime doubled.

Fact Seven: Since 1997 unemployment in Wales has been halved – with 40,000 people helped off the dole and into work. The Tories gave Wales the two worst recessions since the war. Labour has delivered record prosperity and stability.

Fact Eight: In 1997 there were 16,760 young people in long term unemployment. Today there are just over 3,040 – a fall of 82 per cent.

Fact Nine: Under the Tories class sizes rose. When they left office more than 30 per cent of infant and junior classes had thirty or more pupils. Thanks to Labour investment today there are virtually no infant and junior classes with more than 30 pupils.

Fact Ten: In the last year of Tory government average council tax increased by 18 per cent. In 2007 the average increase will be less than 5 per cent.

Slavery and Arfon

No I'm not referring to our condition under a Plaid Cymru council but the links we have with the events to mark the abolition of slavery. Penrhyn castle, near Bangor in Arfon, and much of that wealth was based on links to the slave trade and it is good to see the National Trust marking the abolition through exhibition and other work.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The "nutty" nats - surely we must name the names

One of my regular commentators is menaiblog and now seems to be somewhat confused by yesterday's post about the "nutty" nats - as they might become affectionely known. The use of the term "nutty"`is not mine, but that used on Welsh Independence to describe people who, it seems, must be kept out of the broad church required for independence. The post tells us Plaid Cymru cannot deliver but we must keep some people out.

Our only problem is we must know who to keep out, otherwise they will infiltrate and spoil the great march to freedom.

Names please ..........

Gordon delivers for Wales

The pre budget coverage got lost in some nonsense from an unelected gnome who no doubt saw the many years of Treasury mis-management of economic failure under a Conservative lead government as good news for Britain.

Given a chancellor who has consistently delivered the goods over an extended period it seems the faceless bureaucrats are upset.

Well done Gordon, another budget which will provide a solid platform for the Assembly government after the election son 3rd May.

Our opponents will moan and groan but it is all hollow noise, they cannot outflank the political giant that is Brown.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Keeping out the "nutty" types

Welsh Independence sees a need for a broad church to move towards independence. Plaid are not up to the job it seems. However there is an interesting point that the broad movement must keep out the "nutty types" - Now I can only ask for more details of the "nutty"s please ??........

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hain opens new web site

Peter Hain has opened a new web site dealing with his bid for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party. See link here.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A point is probably not enough

I must share the general feeling that a point against 10 man Birmingham is not really enough and my theory about automatic 2nd place many need reassessment in the near future.

Perhaps that play off against Leighton Andrews Cardiff is now looking more likely.

Deluded man on loose in Nottingham

If anyone should spot this deluded man in the Nottingham area please inform the local constabulary.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

An awakening ?

Just over the course of this week I have started to detect a greater level of awareness on the doorstep that the Assembly election is approaching. Some weeks ago we had to spend time initially explaining the approaching election, now there seems a recognition of the event. Is this repeated elsewhere ?

Second we then need to explain about the new constituency (Arfon), but as this is the area of a former Borough council at least carries some recognition.

Rainbow tax increase - bloggers round up

Wales elects 2007 provides an interesting round up of bloggers debate on the 6.7% increase in the Police precept. It seems to me that the Tories decided to try and engage to explain their sudden love of tax increases, while Plaid have gone underground.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sky blue thinking ??

An interesting post from the Tories involving Ynys Mon and Arfon.

Who said "Vote Eaglestone and get Wigley Too" !!

Quarrying together

The serious news about job losses in the McApline group may require some coming together across political lines for the sake of local people and local communities. Not always easy in a pre-election period, but what people in our communities may expect. The company can explain potential opportunities to offset job losses, the union can consider workforce issues and politicians have Assembly and Council links to use.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anything will do !

I read the idea of penalty shoot outs with interest - but even a point would do at present

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From blog to gig

Well I recently blogged about him and am now pleased to see Martyn Joseph in doing an intimate gig in the Medi bar, Caernarfon. If you like singer/songwriters with a passion here is a night for you.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Opposition twaddle

Well the Tory and Plaid Cymru alliance that voted for 6.7% increase in Police tax for North Wales are now getting really excited (see a candidates blog here) as Labour point out the result of their actions. I am sure North wales can look forward to many more years of spiralling tax increases under the Rainbow coalition.

The debate with the Home Office about funding is an issue Edwina Hart and Sue Essex have agreed to take forward. Getting the Tories from south wales to impose 6.7% on our North wales pensioners is a seperate, stupid, action by Plaid and the Tories.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

On a happier note .....

Thanks to Nick Colbourne for pointing out this quite brilliant site that gives the history of each club's shirts. Fascinating and a real eye opener for many of us about club shirts that we never knew about.

Damn !

Today we will not blog on football. Damn I just did !
(This puts my away draws/home wins theory under pressure !)
A boost in form required - come on Jason ......

Friday, March 09, 2007

"Old bill not big bill"

As I recall the Tories and Plaid at various times have screamed about the unfairness of the council tax and their councils (like Gwynedd) have tried hard for a more manageable increase this year. So why would Alun Ffred Jones join the Tories in allowing a 6.7% increase ? Bizzare.

Also why should Tories and Plaid Cymru AMs in Mid and South Wales vote to impose a higher increase on the pensioners in North Wales than pensioners in their own constituencies ? Glyn Davies AM is yet to respond on this matter, while Mike Wood in Dwyfor-Meirionydd wants to criticise high taxes !
So Labour says "Old bill not Big bill" and here I am with Sue Essex AM launching our petition. I suspect we will get an enthusiastic response in Clwyd West, Aberconwy, Arfon and other seats in North Wales. I must now blog comments to Dylan Jones Evans, Alun Ffred Jones and other high spending candidates.

Police over elected Minister

Baytastic makes an interesting blog on the Police funding decision.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rainbow in action

Remember all the huff and puff from Plaid Cymru that they could not align with the Tories, and then look at the vote on capping Police funding. Voters take note - whatever they say they can vote together (and increase your tax at the same time).

Plaid's threat to Welsh economy

PLAID Cymru's business polices would lead to nothing less than an attempt to force Wales to opt out of the global economy. I agree with Enterprise Minister Andrew Davies who has warned of the danger if Plaid ever controlled economic policy in Wales on the day the value of Welsh exports exceeded £9bn for the first time ever.

Andrew Davies said: ''Thanks to sound Labour policies and investments, Wales stand to gain from a competitive edge in the global economy. ''Welsh businesses and Welsh workers are outperforming the rest of the UK. Export growth since 1999 stands at 45.3 per cent, compared to the UK's 38.8 per cent average, with Wales for the first time exceeding the £9 billion export milestone."

''Under Labour, Wales is promoting Welsh trade further and faster and its paying off. Up to 40 international trade missions a year and hundreds of business trips by Welsh firms to more than 30 countries has brought us to this £9bn milestone.''

But warning of Plaid Cymru's plans for Welsh business Andrew Davies said: ''This week we heard Plaid Cymru question the value of the Newport hosting the 2010 Ryder Cup to the Welsh economy. Labour, on the other hand wants the event to showcase Wales to world and bring in more business opportunities.

''This negativity comes hot off the heels of Plaid's letter to North Wales business claiming Labour is "bribing" firms to Wales. Investment support is not a bribe. It's investment in Welsh jobs and our future.

"It was Labour that won the new Defence Training Academy for Wales with its 5,000 jobs. A Plaid government in the Assembly would not even have bid for this."

''Talking down staging the third biggest sporting event in the world, calling investment support bribes, forcing extra costs on business, threatening defence jobs - Plaid wants to close Wales for business. 'Wales cannot afford to opt out of the global economy. Labour wants Wales to become more competitive and meet the challenges of globalisation. Labour voters take heed - on May 3rd we cannot risk letting Plaid close Wales for business.''


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tory blogger gives timely reminder

Iain Dale is recognised as a leading blogger from the right of the spectrum, drawing lots of attention. He has just blogged on videos about the Thatcher Foundation.

I can think of no better link to remind you of the painful reasons why Labour came to power to revive the economy, invest in public services, our rail network and other essential issues. Do not ever fall in to the trap of thinking there is no difference between the parties - look and remember the pain.

Thank you Iain for the timely reminder.

We delivered devolution and constitutional reform and, with today's vote on Lord's reform have another significant change in our grasp.

Minimum wage - the business !

I welcome the increase in the hourly minimum wage that will benefit 50,000 people in Wales including low paid workers in Arfon. I also challenge opposition parties to support the rise.

I am also pleased to see Labour delivering more fairness and real benefits to ordinary workers in Arfon. It is especially important that two thirds of the workers benefiting from this rise in Wales will be women, often holding down part-time jobs whilst grappling with family demands.

Yet I know that on the critical vote on the minimum wage Plaid Cymru stayed at home.

We know the Tories opposed the minimum wage - although no doubt Cameron will tell us he loved it all along.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Plaid welcome my Labour idea !

"Manylu" will be broadcast by Radio Cymru on Thursday evening and this week features on the debate about Victoria Dock/Doc Fictoria in Caernarfon. I firmly beleive the town must pull together and work as "Team Caernarfon" to make best use of the old town and new investment.

I received unexpected suport from Plaid Cymru in the shape of Cllr Richard Morris Jones.

Story below :


Martin Eaglestone Labour's Assembly candidate has welcomed support from unexpected quarters for his idea of a "Team Caernarfon" to help the town cope with major changes in the coming years. Speaking after the recording of "Manylu" a Radio Cymru programme at the Celtic Royla Hotel in Caernarfon on Tuesday evening he said

"My idea is that the town now needs all sectors to pull together and to agree a clear strategy for the next five years-"Team Caernarfon". I was pleased that Plaid Cymru Councillor Richard Morris Jones welcomed my comments as Gwynedd Council can play a leading role in this strategy. I am pressing these needs and the case for action on Andrew Davies, the Assembly Minister for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks.. I think we have a critical few years for the town in which we must all find a succsessful formula for the integration of the historic town with the new investment at Victoria Dock, or we split and argue amongst ourselves and loose out".

"We must make the best of new investment and use it for the advantage of the whole town".

Gosh !

Just watched Valencia v Inter with jaw dropped and mouth open. Sky Sports channels (football, rugby, fist fighting) all in one match. Will football politics prevent a major sort out.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Blog round up

Latest summary of blogs from Wales Elects 2007.

What an interesting, varied and sometimes potty lot we are.

Welfare reform

When a major policy initiative is announced I sometimes feel time is required to consider the detail and assess the implications. I have general sympathy with a welfare to work philosophy as I recall the desperate times under Thatcher when it was not even an option, and government seemed to want to create inactivity as an objective of government policy.

Here is the link to the Freud report.

Major controversy ! - I was there

As I read this Western Mail report I can record, as Max Boyce would say, "I was there". Yes for some of Martyn's fans the F word was surprising, but the song presented the passion of one of Wales leading singer song writers. See here for more info.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Third rate Urquhart !

Bloggers (indeed politicians in general) I feel should keep a sense of humour. So I was entertained by menaiblog's comment on my blog about the 'Vote Eaglestone and get Wigley too' debate which stated :

"Yup - trying to sneak into office on the coat tails of an opponent might well be the most abject political tactic in history.

Poor Martin is a third rate Francis Urquhart".

Abject tactics and a third rate Urquhart - it made me smile !

But even a third rate Urquhart might get higher recognition than Ieuan Wyn Jones.

The "wiggies"

I found the Observer a good read this morning with a number of interesting articles. However my eye was caught by the piece by Jasper Gerard (p13) commenting on a number of incidents amongst our judiciary. He finishes with the lovely line

"Forget hoodies. I'm more frightened of wiggies".

Mainstream-blog interchange

The Politics Show today followed the growing cross over between mainstream and blog politics by covering a number of Welsh bloggers and their views. Pete Black, Glyn Davies and Blamerbell amongst those covered.

Of course there is probably some theory that mainstreaming the blog is contrary to original purpose - but in reality it is a growing phenomenon, with Glyn Davies suggesting he would now break a major story via his blog not reporters.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Producers - top show

A few hours away from blogging, and the campaign, as it was time to enjoy a Christmas present - a trip to see "The Producers" in Manchester with Peter Kay and others.

A great show based on Mel Brookes great send up, that poses so many challenges in the hilarous story line of the Producers who are seeking, but then failing, to produce a failed show -"Springtime for Hitler". Very enjoyable and a recommended trip during its twelve week period in Manchester, although tickets may be hard to get by now.

A nice break and now prepared for the final stages of the Arfon campaign.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Remember !

Well Ieuan managed 7% recognition in the BBC poll, although some thought he was Dafydd Wigley.

What a pity Dafydd was not put in the poll to test relative recogniton : Ieuan/Dafydd.

However remember

"Vote Eaglestone-Get Wigley.
Two for the price of one".

and perhaps more recognition for Plaid's new leader come June 2007 !!

Difficult to argue

Brunstrom draws his critics but can any logical person really argue with this blog ?

"Driving on the phone.

It’s Tuesday. I’ve just caught the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 - not something I normally do at lunchtime, but I was driving back from a visit (to the Toyota factory on Deeside; I’m going back - we’ve got things to learn from them) and switched the radio on.

By chance, today is the day the government have increased the penalty for using a hand held phone while driving. It’s now £60 and three points on your licence, as it always should have been. Credit where it’s due - three cheers for the government. This will save lives.

But I was appalled by many of the people phoning in to the show. Literally shocking. Caller after caller falling into the category of dangerous (male) idiot who believes that
a) they are the world’s best driver and
b) the law doesn’t apply to them, because they are the world’s best driver.

It is literally frightening to think about how many of these morons there are out there, sharing the roads with you and me. People who really have deluded themselves into thinking that they are invulnerable, incapable of error and therefore safe. People who can’t understand statistics, or are in denial of them. People who just refuse to accept the law, and the reason for it. As I have said before, this amounts to anti-social behaviour - and it’s serious, because the consequence is sometimes death (we still kill about 3000 [three thousand] people on our roads every year in the UK)

Driving a vehicle while using a hand held phone is illegal. It has been so for some time now. It’s literally criminal - and now the punishment better fits the crime.

In 2006 North Wales Police gave fixed penalty tickets to 3051 people caught using mobile phones while driving. So far this year we’ve caught 374 more. Please be warned - we will deal robustly with this offence, and you will lose your licence if you persist.

But I’d much rather that you stop doing it in the first place - it’s the responsible way to behave, and more of us will live to die of old age as a result".

Let us hope we can take note.

Don't cry - but modern campaigning gives timely reminder

Have a look at this youtube link

Cause for thought and the Rhodri factor

The BBC poll gives all candidates cause for thought, and leaves us as Labour candidates thankful for Rhodri Morgan !

Whilst there may be regional variations in awareness I have to admit that even in Arfon we do have to spend time on the door step and on the phone explaining that there is an election in May, before getting the chance to press Labour's case.