Saturday, March 24, 2007

The things people say (Part 2)

The BBC have updated their conference post and it seems even Atilla the Hun has a chance in order to get Ieaun crowned as king.

What a pity that Dafydd Wigley might the beneficiary of all this toil.

Clearly the 400 votes that Ieuan notched up with the Tories was only the start. We can now look forward to welcoming Plaid's star speaker next year - Mr John Redwood on a theme like "The benefits of partnership government in a new Europe" !!


Alwyn ap Huw said...

And John Redwood and Tony B-liar singing from the same song shit on Trident no doubt

Cymro said...

Martin, I do believe that even John Redwood may have more sense than to appear in Wales once again! As for the Tories generally, isn't working with any party to tackle climate change, poverty and build a better Wales worth doiing?

Only Labour seem to think in black and white, and revel in stooping to party politics and petty name-calling to win a grown-up debate.

You and I both seem to object to the past Tory failings. Or do you? Those Tory core values seem to have been quite popular with Labour in recent years!