Saturday, March 24, 2007

The things people say

A friend phoned me to say Adam Price was heard on the news saying the stunt didn't help politics (or something similar) - of course Mr Price sort of ignored the large snail on Plaid's advertising board just a few feet away from our little debate in the sunshine about the pledge.

So it seems an invitation to sign a straightforward pledge, that there will be no coalition with the Tories, is somehow a threat to politics. However a large snail photo on a lorry is okay ! (you can look elsewhere for the advert!)

It is strange the things people say.

1 comment:

Cymro said...

Well, snails are quite nice, of course. Dinosaurs on the other hand, very much like or good friend Martin, rush around with big teeth and a snarl of contempt for the Welsh voter!

Do you agree, Martin? After all, Labour have sent the Welsh economy on an unpaid holiday and put millions in poverty. Doesn't it just remind you of Mrs Thatcher?

So, Martin, are you a dinosaur?