Monday, March 26, 2007

Famous in his own lunchtime

The heavyweight petition obviously helped to liven the Plaid conference and blog land. Wales elects 2007 gives a nice round up.


Cymro said...

Hmm... a bit obsessed with the leadweight petition? Anything useful to tell us? I don't know... anything will do!

Actually, let's play a game, Martin. It'll be fun, I promise! Complete this sentence:

Labour is failing because... ? (answers on a postcard)

Cymro said...

Martin, given that you are so concerned about child poverty, do you have anything to tell us about the new statistics published today? You know, the DWP figures that show a drastic increase in the number of children in poverty?

Was this mismanagement or is it an election sweetener?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Croeso Cymro and thanks for liberal scatteing of commments. All seem robust but democratic so I see no need for moderation so onwards we go. However I tend not to place comments in response to outright diatribe cos' it doesn't take us very far.

Cymro said...

Well, that isn't actually diatribe, is it? I just want you to tell us why child poverty has increased in 2005-2006? Do you think that this has anything to do with the Labour government's insistence that work is the best way out of poverty?

Ian said...

Martin. You have gained temporary publicity but your stunt has given Plaid the opportunity to expose Labour's main election weapon as a dud.

As we speak, Labour's campaign managers are panicking in the realisation that the Tory coalition smear isn't going to work.

This leaves Labour with two choices, try to make their empty manifesto sexy or fight even dirtier. Sadly Martin, your stunt has cost your party dear.

Thanks mate. You've made my job a lot easier.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Up and down the land people will clearly rejoice at the propsect of the Tory-Plaid coalition.

Cymro said...

Now that's good diatribe, Martin! Any response to rising child poverty and inequality?