Thursday, March 01, 2007

Remember !

Well Ieuan managed 7% recognition in the BBC poll, although some thought he was Dafydd Wigley.

What a pity Dafydd was not put in the poll to test relative recogniton : Ieuan/Dafydd.

However remember

"Vote Eaglestone-Get Wigley.
Two for the price of one".

and perhaps more recognition for Plaid's new leader come June 2007 !!


menaiblog said...

Oh dear - so it's come to this.

Your only pitch is that your election might just about lead to the election of a Plaid Cymru man far more popular than yourself.

The politics of despair & negativity - the essence of New Labour.

Martin Eaglestone said...

As we''ve discused before - just a small element of the campaign that may be of interest to a few. Perhaps a leader getting more than 7% recognition would appeal ??

sosialydd said...

A better idea would be to send IWJ on a Rhodri course. This would entail training in how to grab headlines by making offensive jokes, numerous gaffes,and being perpetually late to important events. Another element would be how to state no opinion at all on an illegal war that was accounting for the lives of many of the people that you are supposed to represent as First minister of your country.

If IWJ mastered these techniques he might achieve a higher recognition value.

menaiblog said...

Yup - trying to sneak into office on the coat tails of an opponent might well be the most abject political tactic in history.

Poor Martin is a third rate Francis Urquhart.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Enjoyable humour - I think I can build that line in to a speech at some point. But even as a third rate Urqhart perhaps more recognisable than Ieaun !!

Guto said...

I'm sorry Martin, did you just try and claim that you'd get more than 7% recognition in Wales? Hah!

Be honest, you'd struggle to get 7% recognitiuon in Caernarfon even. As a born-and-bred Arfon boy who's been interestd in politics since the age of 7 I'd still struggle to recognise the self-proclaimed "Former parlimentary and Assembly Candidate for Caernarfon" (i.e. failed every time) if you came up to me on the street. The only place you'r recognisable is on the letters page of the Herald (you know, below that nice box for the succesful Parliamentary and Assembly Candidates for Caernarfon)

Carl Thomas said...

Keep up the good work, Martin. Word doing the rounds in the South is that you've really got the Nats rattled. By the amount of personal attacks on your comments page from them, you seem to be doing something right!