Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The "nutty" nats - surely we must name the names

One of my regular commentators is menaiblog and now seems to be somewhat confused by yesterday's post about the "nutty" nats - as they might become affectionely known. The use of the term "nutty"`is not mine, but that used on Welsh Independence to describe people who, it seems, must be kept out of the broad church required for independence. The post tells us Plaid Cymru cannot deliver but we must keep some people out.

Our only problem is we must know who to keep out, otherwise they will infiltrate and spoil the great march to freedom.

Names please ..........


Huw said...

Aren't all Labour politicians "nutty nats"? British nats at that?

menaiblog said...

Too right I'm confused.

What's the point of posing the question here, if it's an answer that you want?

Why not post a comment on the blog in question & then whoever made the comment would be in a position to give you an answer. Or is that too simple?

Martin Eaglestone said...

That has been done, but I thought it worth a double airing. Now less of the methodoligical critique and more names !!