Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ieaun fails the Tory test

So on a glorious sunny day in Caernafon we visited the Plaid Cymru conference to invite their leader Mr Ieuan Wyn Jones to sign our pledge of no coalition with the Tories. A friendly group of Plaid activists greeted us and they decided to lead their response with an MP - strange as the pledge relates to the Assembly.

Anyway I signed the pledge for the people of Arfon and the people of Wales but Mr Jones did not show.

Here we are offering our pledge to Mr Jones - he failed the test.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

AS Tory Blair has just committed the UK to renew Trident with the support of your friends in the Conservative party your stunt was not only pathetic but hypocritical

Martin Eaglestone said...

Nothing hypocritical in pledging not to let the Tories back in to Wales - unlike Price and IWJ who now seem ready to do business with Mr Redwood, Hague and the other Tories.

menaiblog said...

Oh dear, I missed you Martin. At least you weren't assaulted by some black suited goons like that poor old fellow who dared to heckle in your party conference a few years back.

The Tory coalition thing is an interesting one. I don't like them myself, but then again I don't like New Labour either. In fact it's pretty difficult to distinguish between the two war mongering, privatisation fetishist parties.

You make it difficult in any case. If I understand your position correctly, should there not be a Labour majority in May (& there certainly won't be) you'll only enter government with the Lib Dems. The other parties are going to be forced to come up with something, or leave the country without a government.

Martin Eaglestone said...

and I was looking forward to us being photoed together for blog land.

I start from Labour being able to obtain a majority and deliver a manifesto of which our hold/gain in Arfon is one step.

I am certain that we will not have any pact with the Tories (unlike Plaid - is that clear blue or red water ?)

It seesm Dafydd Wigley's influence (Dewis) is now working through in time for his return as leader.

Are you ready to greet Mr Redwood at your next conference ??

I then trust the people to deliver their verdict.

menaiblog said...

Having the musical Mr Redwood in our next conference is I suspect less likely of coming to pass than you having Tony's American pals, George Bush & Donald Rumsfelt & that Halliburton guy at yours.

Ian said...


Driving your whole argument is that what is best for Labour is what is best for Wales. Speaking from a Swansea perspective, Labour's relative monopolisation of politics up until recently has been a disaster, with the lethal combination of ineptitude and a centralist tendancy.

That is why trade unionists such as myself are far more comfortable in Plaid. From an economic perspective, Swansea has far more reason to dislike the Tories than almost any other area of Wales. However, I am a trade unionist who wants to do the best for Swansea, for Wales and the world and if that means other smaller parties working with us on a Plaid political agenda, then so be it.

Wales is bigger than Plaid and with respect, deserves better than Labour.

Cymro said...

Martin, mate, can you explain why the stunt wasn't hypocritical?

Pronunciation: 'hi-p&-"krit
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English ypocrite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrita, from Greek hypokritEs actor, hypocrite, from hypokrinesthai
1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

So, you don't like the Tories but are really excited about the possibility of blowing up a city or two, or you don't like nuclear weapons but you think the Tories are brilliant?! Hmm...

Well, it sound like the stunt was not only cheap and hypocritical, but also quite idiotic. And you wonder why the Welsh people don't like Labour!

Sion said...

All the mud slinging and yet plaid cant do one simple thing and rule out a coalition with the Tories.

Why is that so difficult?

Alwyn/Menaiblog/Cymro - let us all know is that something you would be proud of?

Or like your "leader" will you go all quiet on us as well???

Cymro said...

So Martin, tell me why the people of Wales should vote for a London-based party who have seen inequality rise to its highest since 1961; entered an illegal war in Iraq; closed our schools and hospitals; wasted £85bn on Trident?

By Martin's own omission, Labour would prefer to let disaster befall Wales than to work in any team to stop it. Martin himsef is ashamed of his party. Labour - cash for honours. Labour: party of lies, sleaze and spin. Labour: party of inequality and waste.

Labour: the party that closes schools and hospitals! The schools and hospitals that we all use, everyday! Labour: party of ruin.

Labour have run out of excuses for 8 years of failure in Cardiff, and 10 years of failure in Westminster. They refuse to discuss their record over the past years.

Why? It is a record of failing Wales. They have no new ideas, no new policies! The only reason they have to offer for keeping them in power is that they are not the Tories! Labour has created as much damage as their Conservative friends while in power. So I say that enough is enough. Labour has a duty to explain its record of failure.