Thursday, March 22, 2007

If Ieuan is "king" then wales can have the Tories

Perhaps Dragon Eye's most useful interview of recent weeks. After squirming around the Plaid-Tory coalition question (not possible etc) then Ieaun spilt the beans - if he is "king" (ie First Minister) then he is also happy for Wales to have the Tories.

I think he even said the people of Ynys Mon can elect the First Minister (to try and see off the fresh challenge of Peter Rogerrs). I don't quite think that post is in the gift of the good people of Anglesey.

I warned you : Vote Plaid and get the Tories


Vote Eaglestone and get Wigley too


Marcusian said...

Cant wait to see Iueann WHINGE Jones' face when you offer him the tory 'contract'...Its something i have been banging the door about a while now...

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Nice stunt Martin!

Can you also get a second contract ready for Ieaun.

All you have to do is to change the name 'Conservative' to 'Labour' and get Ieuan to sign it and then send a copy to Rhodri for his signature.

However, given that the most optimistic in your party are predicting a maximum of 24 seats after May 3rd, perhaps both of them will be fighting to put pen to paper.

Of course, Ieuan will have to ask Mr Wigley for his approval, but that shouldn't be too difficult given his support for a Plaid-Labour coalition after May.

Vote Eaglestone-Get Wigley - what's the difference :)

Martin Eaglestone said...

I can see a few differences - no Alun Ffred in Arfon to start with and that is Plaid minus a seat, and that immediately upsets your calculations.

Ieuan falls to Austin,Roach or Rogers ( I prefer the first obviously!)and suddenly Plaid need a new leader. Step forward for the battle of the Dafydd's (Wigley v The Lord).

Winning Arfon means Labour can keep delivering Wales from the 18 nightmare years of the Tories. No we haven't forgotten, and having only just managed 10 in power (UK) and 8 (sort of in Wales if we include the "partnership" period) we still have time to re build. That's where Gordon's extra bilion comes in handy.

Aled said...

Vote Ceidwadwyr get Ceidwadwyr--------sounds good to me!

IAN JONES said...

Very clever Martin vote Eaglestone get Wigley.

On the whole issue of coalition and keeping the Tories out of government in Wales surely there must be an alternative to the Lib Dems.

Personally if we have to be in coalition, as far as I am concerned we are better off talking with Plaid than giving the likes of German and his kind of principle-free opportunistic politics any place in government.

It was by going into government with the Lib Dems in the first Assembly that caused us problems in local authorities along the M4. The Lib Dems were able to claim credit for everything good the government achieved and rubbished us for the bad.

In the south wales it is the Lib Dems who are the danger to Labour not Plaid or the Tories. Being in coalition with them will surely cause massive problems for us in trying to win Cardiff, Bridgend and Swansea councils back. And it is not just along the M4 the Lib Dems are our main challengers. The Libs are gaining a foothold in the valleys too. In Merthyr, Rhondda, Torfaen and even Blaenau Gwent.

Controversial I know but in the long term sleep walking into a deal with the Lib Dems even without PR in local government is something not to be done without serious thought to the party's future fortunes in Wales. Especially in local government.

Cymro said...

Kingmaking? That's exciting! Vote Labour, get Labour! Hang on...

Vote Labour, get... something... Blair, dead Iraqis, your very own nuclear warhead?