Friday, March 30, 2007

Some ideas I don't get !

Following the "unseemly" (as I think Waterfront described it) scenes at the Galeri my blog has been posting some heated debates on the Plaid-Tory story, why Alun Ffred has no blog/website, what has he done etc etc.

It includes the following comment from Cymro that suggests a coalition with the Tories would not give the Conservatives power !!!!!

"The Tories are the party of cuts and inequality - if they win power it would be bad news, I have no doubt, whether in Cardiff or Westminster. But in a coalition where they are the minority party, they are not in power - Plaid have already said that it will be a parnership on their terms".

Sorry the logic of that argument escapes me and I can see why Plaid's strategy could be in trouble if this is what their supporters thinking. Nick Bourne would be delighted to read this deluded thinking as his ministers wield power in a coalition.


Cymro said...

Good game, well played! But...

Why should the people of Wales vote for a London-based party who have seen inequality rise to its highest since 1961; entered an illegal war in Iraq; wasted £85bn on Trident.

Cymro said...

By the way, I am sorry that the logic eludes you - it must be because you aren't used to listening. In netball, only some players have the power to score but all the players are part of the team. The same applies to coalition government. Wasn't that easy?

Martin Eaglestone said...

But the whole team is part of the power.

Cymro said...

Yes, of course. The power is that to keep Wales on the right path and not down a blind alley.

Aled said...

Cymro - you seem to be missing the point totally.

Do you think the Tories would just join with Plaid to help implement Plaid policies.

Surely not...

So what Tory policies do you think would be good for Wales?

Which Tory policies do you want to see your party agree to implement in order to get your grubby hands on power?

Cymro said...

Aled, the Labour party is probably going to lose its majority in May. Won't they also be trying to build coalitions with someone? Does that mean they will adopt the partner's policies?

Aled said...

Cymro - so the answer is there are no policies of the Tories that you would agree to...or are you just keeping quiet on which ones your party have agreed to in a grubby behind closed doors deal already.

And Cymro - if you really want to talk with some gravitas on this issue, perhaps you should study power sharing governments.

The minority party in any power sharing deal always gets concessions on policies - otherwise they would not reach agreement.

So are you in favour of your party Plaid doing a deal with the devil or not?

Cymro said...

Well, of course concessions are made. That's politics. What will Labour's be when they try too get a partner on May 3rd?

Aled said...

So I ask again Cymro - now you are finally aware of the reality of a Plaid/Tory pact - what Tory policies would you be happy with being implemented in Wales...the country you say you are loyal to?

As for Labour - I'm not a member so cant talk on their behalf.

But what I can understand - and what you cant - is the whole reason I am voting for them is I'm left of centre and they have ruled out a coalition with the Tories.

Why wont you or your party Plaid?

Cymro said...

Well, if you read the above then you must see it! Wouldn't you talk to everybody you could if you needed to?

Aled said...

Cymro - you dodge the question again.

I can only assume that deep down you are embarassed by the fact that your party could allow the Tories in.

Do the decent thing - admit Adam Price and co are out of touch with local residents who have failed to elect a Tory at any level for how long now?

Yet a vote for Plaid in Arfon could be a vote for letting the Tories into power in a power sharing coalition.

I hope it makes you proud when Alun finally produces a leaflet (there is an election due after all) and you are busy putting them through doors

Cymro said...

So Martin, tell me why the people of Wales should vote for a London-based party who have seen inequality rise to its highest since 1961; entered an illegal war in Iraq; closed our schools and hospitals; wasted £85bn on Trident?

By Martin's own omission, Labour would prefer to let disaster befall Wales than to work in any team to stop it. Martin himsef is ashamed of his party. Labour - cash for honours. Labour: party of lies, sleaze and spin. Labour: party of inequality and waste.

Labour: the party that closes schools and hospitals! The schools and hospitals that we all use, everyday! Labour: party of ruin.

Labour have run out of excuses for 8 years of failure in Cardiff, and 10 years of failure in Westminster. They refuse to discuss their record over the past years.

Why? It is a record of failing Wales. They have no new ideas, no new policies! The only reason they have to offer for keeping them in power is that they are not the Tories! Labour has created as much damage as their Conservative friends while in power. So I say that enough is enough. Labour has a duty to explain its record of failure.