Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We're off !

It is best to get the business side sorted quickly so here I was with nomination form off to see the staff of the Returning Officer. Thankfully I returned with an acceptance form as well. So it seems Labour are up and running in Arfon.

I suggested that nominations be closed today - but noone listened.


Cymro said...

Well, I'm sure they would close for nominations but I think they need candidates with... policies? Things that will make Wales a better country?

"We're off" seems to sum Labour up though.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Happy to trust the people of Arfon and Wales.... camapigning away (and trying to keep up the blogging)

Ian said...

Did you put 'Trident Coalition' as your party name? This saves the Tory standing and hey, you may even get a 'Z' berth in Caernarfon?

Sion said...

Looks like the Nationalists are rattled Martin - and no wonder.

You've shown election after election how committed you are to the people of Arfon.

Best of luck with the campaigning - you've got my vote.

Arfon has been let down by the Nationalists for far too long.

Ian said...

That's of course a Welsh nationalist as opposed to a UK nationalist. The latter are the one's that rely on Tory support to get involved in illegal wars, that de-stabalise the Middle East and raise racial tensions back home.

They then rely on further Tory support to invest billions in a weapon they do not guide, can never use and for an enemy that does not presently exist.

Clearly, Arfon is crying out for such representation.

Aled said...

Ian - your argument does not hold any water.

Labour are the party that devolved power to Scotland and Wales. They are the party that has achieved a break through in Ireland.

UK nationalists? I dont think so.

Yet Plaid Cymru - Welsh nationalists - will not rule out power sharing with the Conservative and Unionist party - the English nationalist.

No wonder you have voted with the Tories so many times...

Alwyn ap Huw said...

You mentioned Profiles in your most recent post.

If I may be so bold - yours needs updating. Now that you have signed on the dotted line you are THE candidate not just a "prospective" one :-)

Cymro said...

So Martin, tell me why the people of Wales should vote for a London-based party who have seen inequality rise to its highest since 1961; entered an illegal war in Iraq; closed our schools and hospitals; wasted £85bn on Trident?

By Martin's own omission, Labour would prefer to let disaster befall Wales than to work in any team to stop it. Martin himsef is ashamed of his party. Labour - cash for honours. Labour: party of lies, sleaze and spin. Labour: party of inequality and waste.

Labour: the party that closes schools and hospitals! The schools and hospitals that we all use, everyday! Labour: party of ruin.

Labour have run out of excuses for 8 years of failure in Cardiff, and 10 years of failure in Westminster. They refuse to discuss their record over the past years.

Why? It is a record of failing Wales. They have no new ideas, no new policies! The only reason they have to offer for keeping them in power is that they are not the Tories! Labour has created as much damage as their Conservative friends while in power. So I say that enough is enough. Labour has a duty to explain its record of failure.