Friday, March 30, 2007

Look busy - the boss is coming !

Rhodri called by in Caernarfon yesterday evening and gave an "official opening" to the election centre. Here we are posing for the local press.
Members were in good heart and pleased to welcome our leader. Now just a small matter of 20,000 introductory leaflets to deliver..........


Cymro said...

Nice to see Mr. Morgan standing with Martin there. But Labour can't just pose and shake hands now. Martin, will you please answer this time?

Why should the people of Wales vote for a London-based party who have seen inequality rise to its highest since 1961; entered an illegal war in Iraq; wasted £85bn on Trident.

Aled said...

Yeh nice to see Mr Morgan standing there with Martin indeed.

I mean other politicians such as Alun Ffred hide behind closed doors when Martin tries to find them!

Cymro - if you are so bothered about inequality and especially child poverty as you protest, please answer me this.

Now the Tories have said they will cut free school breakfasts in Wales should they get into power, will you urge your party (Plaid Cymru) to rule out a coalition with them?

Or are you happy to see your party sign a grubby power sharing deal with a party that would rob children of a healthy, nutritional meal to start their day?

menaiblog said...

Oh dear Martin - you've resorted to inventing characters to defend yourself.

Cymro said...

Well, Labour obviously aren't bothered about inequality. After all, they are the ones who are letting it happen. Rising inequality; closing schools and hospitals; entering illegal wars and killing innocent Iraqis. I've asked about all this 20 times in 3 days and he still hasn't answered me. Any reply this time, Martin?

Aled said...

Menai - you really are kidding yourself if you think anyone who attacks your beloved Plaid Cymru must be Martin Eaglestone.

How sad.

I'm not even a Labour Party member - however more desperate can the party I used to vote for be???

And cymro - how many times will it take me asking you about the Tories pledge to cut free school breakfast before you answer whether or not you want Plaid Cymru to form a coalition with them now?

Cymro said...

Well Aled, assuming that is your real name, I think that you write a good story but overlook the fact that you're making it up as you go along.

The Tory manifesto is a Tory mainfesto. A Plaid manifesto is a Welsh manifesto. Are you seriously suggesting that Plaid Cymru intend to abolish free breakfasts at school? Isn't it completely silly to say that Plaid will decide to do away with school meals?

If you find it in the Plaid manifesto, tell me and I won't vote for them either. My loyalty is to Wales, not a party. So should yours be!

Cymro said...

And, Martin? Any comment on Labour butchering millions in Iraq; the highest levels of inequality since 1961; £85bn wasted on useless nukes?

Cymro said...

Given the silence, we can go to another analogy.

In the middle of Wales, miles from anywhere, there stands a house. It is surrounded by fields and mountains. Sheep graze while staring blankly at the smoke.

It rises from the house. Your house! With your baby inside! You run over and watch flames scream through the window; all your memories burning but all that you can think of is the baby.

You run. Desperately trying to find anyone, anyone to help. You find three people, working in the fields. They are LibDem and Labour (decent guy but can turn on people). Then there is Tory - what a git, he's always been a complete and utter... But right now you need him. That baby is going to die if you can't get him out of that house!

Labour turns around and snorts.

"You lot don't agree with me so I don't care about the baby."

That's the whole story - Labour would rather see the baby burnt to death than work with other people to save it.

menaiblog said...

Ah, c'mon Martin, you're making a bit of an idiot of yourself.

Is it really credible that various bloggers who have not one post to their names suddenly appear to hysterically defend you personally & to laud your puerile little publicity stunts?

All this is getting a bit sad.

Aled said...

Hear no evil, see no evail speak no evil eh menai...

If you care to email me your mobile number I would happily call you and prove to you i am not martin eaglestone.

Its time to stop this nonsense - so put up or shut up. I take it I would be able to call you at work in Alan Ffred's office?

Why you could even hear me typing my follow up post to show just how paranoid plaid members are becoming at the prospect of losing arfon...

As for your post Cymro - forget the silly hypothesis (yet again), I prefer you to tell me why the party I have supported for the last 20 years is throwin its principles out the window and offering a way in through the back door for the Tories to rule Wales...

And sadly cymro - in the unlikely prospect that Plaid become Wales' biggest party and sign the inevitable pact with the Tories you will be joining forces with a party that wants to cut free school breakfasts for children.

It matters not that you are standing on seperate manifestos. You will do deals. Deals with a party that has hated Wales period. That wants to slash funding to Wales. You will have to give concessions to the Tories and allow them to implement policies that are detested by the people of Wales.

Obviously thats something you can stomach - but its not for me hence Alan Ffred won't get my vote this time.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Comrade menai I've told you before if I have anything to say then I'll say it here on the blog. I don't think I'm clever enough to run several blogs commenting on my own blog - much too sophisticated a politics for me. Crikey I have nearly 40,000 supporters to meet in Arfon not run blogs.

I find Cymro far too excitable to bother responding too - but happy to read what is said.

I go out for a few hours and it seems you could all be very busy trying to outpost each other at this rate - I will probably stick with updating news on my campaign and the occasional (!)comment on Plaid.

Whatever our faults I still haven't worked out why "socialist" coleague A.Price MP could not sign an anti-Tory pledge.

Cymro said...

Ah well, Martin, call the excitability an enthusiasm for my country. One that deserves a Plaid Cymru government!

At least you can answer me about the Labour party overseeing the highest level of poverty since 1961; entering an illegal war; killing millions of Iraqis; closing Welsh schools and hospitals; wasting £85bn on Trident. with Tory support. Or are those too sensitive - excitable, if you will?

Cymro said...

Oh, by the way, it's Alun Ffred. With an U. Nice going, Mr. I-Used-To-Vote-For-You

menaiblog said...

Don't be silly Martin, e mailing my mobile would prove nothing - you could ask anyone you care to give me a ring.

As for my identity, it's barely a secret in the Welsh cyber world - menaiblog is GT on maes e.

If you want to know who I am, I'll happily tell you - just give me your e mail address.

But, sorry - I honestly can't believe that you, Aled & Sion aren't one and the same.

Aled said...

Cymro says: "My loyalty is to Wales, not a party. So should yours be"

Too true. My loyalty is to Wales. That's why I will never vote for the Tories - or indeed now Plaid who won't rule out forming a coalition with them.

I could never live with myself if my vote for Plaid meant I woke up the morning after the election with the Tories in power in a coalition government.

If your loyalty really is to Wales - you would feel the same way too.

As for my use of the word Alan - I'm glad you fell into my trap of picking up on it. For it leads me to to my next question just how and when did Derby born David Wigley become "Dafydd".

And Menai my dear paranoid poster - email me any time

And then when you see I'm not Martin Eaglestone I look forward to your retraction on here.

Saunders Lewis said...

It looks like Alan Fred is on the run!

The Wigley factor is looming over the horizon as I predicted!

Come on Martin; come on Dafydd W!

Cymro said...

So Martin, tell me why the people of Wales should vote for a London-based party who have seen inequality rise to its highest since 1961; entered an illegal war in Iraq; closed our schools and hospitals; wasted £85bn on Trident?

By Martin's own omission, Labour would prefer to let disaster befall Wales than to work in any team to stop it. Martin himsef is ashamed of his party. Labour - cash for honours. Labour: party of lies, sleaze and spin. Labour: party of inequality and waste.

Labour: the party that closes schools and hospitals! The schools and hospitals that we all use, everyday! Labour: party of ruin.

Labour have run out of excuses for 8 years of failure in Cardiff, and 10 years of failure in Westminster. They refuse to discuss their record over the past years.

Why? It is a record of failing Wales. They have no new ideas, no new policies! The only reason they have to offer for keeping them in power is that they are not the Tories! Labour has created as much damage as their Conservative friends while in power. So I say that enough is enough. Labour has a duty to explain its record of failure.