Saturday, November 08, 2008

Scottish satisfaction

After another break I return with a strange sense of smugness. Not the fact that Obama won (well) and has given one of those occasional, and much neeeded, lifts to the tone of poltics but events in Scotland.

For some strange reason Salmond is one of those politicians who riles me. He projects a smugness that, combined with his nationalist politics, makes me pleased to see some better perspective on the cause of Scottish independence. I supect some focus on day to day challenges may now occupy his mind more than a drive to areferendums.

Then again perhaps now is the time to renew the call once made by Wendy Alexander and demand the independence referendum. As I have said before we live in inter-dependent times, not independent times.

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adolf moans said...

Reminds me of another smug Nationalist who attempts singing and strumming somewhat sadly !