Monday, November 24, 2008

Wide ranging measures

I suppose it is a fact of life that Alistair Darling has a rhetorical style that alllows him to deliver such a significant financial statement in a calm delibeate manner. By all accounts this package is significant and even commentators like Wil Hutton acknowledge the issues involved.

So the pattern is clear the scale of the issues enveloping us all are seen to be so large that some old fashioned recipes are required including spend now, tax later and raising a few more quid off those (2% of tax payers it seems) earning more. Some shortt erm money for low earners, child allowance and pensioners and a VAT reduction all round.

The last measure (VAT) leaves me a little cold but I suppose it is meant to be effective as spending is stimulated. I wait to see.

Anyway in the classic battles of modern politics the "lines" are drawn and Labour is committed to investing/spending out of the crisis, while I remain alittle unclear what the Tories will do - apart from disagree with Labour.

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