Sunday, March 08, 2009

"100" and out?

Well Wales on Sunday seem to think I am a new press guru with Welsh Labour. Sort of! Blogging has been light of late, but this week I took up the post of Welsh Policy Officer with the Labour Party and am initially carrying a communications role as our new team of staff is assembled and settles down. Heavens knows whether this involves some shaking up but the Party will be focused on building a platform of policies that take us through the European elections this June, the Westminster election of xxxxxx (answers on a postcard please) and then the Assembly elections.

I know politics is a serious matter, with important issues at stake - ask Adam Price and Plaid Cymru about that, whoever has the biro! - but I do think we all should also enjoy ourselves when appropriate.

How many more blog postings - who knows? But the Policy and Communications Officer might occasionally feel the need to express a few opinions of his own....

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