Friday, March 13, 2009

Dragon's "I"

Dragon's Eye on the BBC turned to the independence word yesterday and as I watched the debate between Eluned Morgan MEP and Adam Price MP I immediately thought of the analysis of the new web site made by Welsh Labour Euro candidate Lisa Stevens earlier this week:

“I am left to wonder who it appeals too, apart from a few hard core nationalists and the leadership ambitions of Adam Price. The web site appears as a thinly veiled way of promoting Adam Price’s leadership ambitions given his prominence in its content”.

Why was I reminded of this?

Well Adam's response to the opening question about the web site was "I want to see......." with a quick adding of Plaid Cymru later in the sentence.

I am not the first to comment that Adam must be so frustrated at being at the London end of the M4, and has to wait for Rhodri Glyn to step down before he can bring his challenge to Ieuan in the Bay.

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