Sunday, October 12, 2008

Job vacancy - Parliamentary Candidate for Arfon

As the years roll by we might expect to start expecting the unexpected. In my case there have been a number of changes in my personal life that have lead me to review commitments.

As a result I submitted my resignation as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Arfon on Friday. The people of Arfon will now be safe from my efforts to leaflet and canvas them for Labour's cause. The Party's work will of course go on and, as soon as a new candidate is elected, I am sure the constituency will focus their efforts on mounting a campaign for the next Westminster election (and playing their part in the Euro elections of 2009).

So to everyone who helped my campaigning in Arfon over the last 8 years or so, many thanks. To those people who may have cast a vote in my, and Labour's, favour - thank you. To my political opponents I have a respect for playing their part in keeping democracy alive. It is a very precious commodity. Not being a 'nationalist' is always a driving force in my personal politics but I have a mutual respect for those who take on political roles in the modern age.

Blogging will continue as a Labour blogger - we can't really afford to loose people blogging in Labour's cause in Wales. Perhaps blog menai will get his wish and my thoughts will be less campaigned focussed and more free style in their approach.

So time to amend blog profile and re emerge as Martin Eaglestone - Labour blogger (not PPC Arfon)- Perhaps to fight Labour's cause again another day.


menaiblog said...

Do you reckon I have a chance Martin?

Martin Eaglestone said...

If yuo don't ask they can't say no! But will this mean Llais Gwynedd run a candidat ??

menaiblog said...

I'm obviously not party to their internal deliberations, so I don't know.

For what it's worth I don't think they'd have a hope in hell in (the more urban) Arfon, so it doesn't really matter whether they put someone up or not.

Meirion Dwyfor is a different story though.