Friday, October 31, 2008

Perverted priorities

The world is facing more events of "catastrophic proportions" and yet, judging by the breakfast news and most newspapers, such suffering is nothing compared to two rude DJs on Radio 2. Through a sleepy blur I think I saw Breakfast news manage a few seconds on the Congo, after several minutes on the DJ issue.

It is a perfect summary of the perverted priorities that have overtaken our media obsessed age. I am sure history will find this perversion of priorities perplexing. It was unwise of my Prime Minister to even get involved in commenting on what has become a self obsessed debate at the BBC.

Let us hope we can focus our efforts on real and catastrophic events in the years to come.

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Robert said...

After a while people get use to the death and the killing, in the end people say what can we do, in the end you look at the so called leaders and say well one bloke is as bad as the other. Democracy in Africa is about who can kill the most steal the most and live the longest