Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Party of Wales - they just don't get it

I see the Party of Wales have suddenly decided that the election of May 2007 should be "clean" by which they mean some strange commitment to only using money from Wales.They just don't understand the way in which many parties are part of a bigger whole, and strength is drawn from the inter relationships of the many parts. They probably don't want to understand in their blinkered little world.

Of course I might ask whether this "clean" campaign would include Plaid Cymru refusing to use money raised from property sales in England, as was the case in a recent will that donated property proceeds to the Party of Wales, or perhaps their sister party in Scotland not accepting money from Sean Connery (who wears his Scots badge proudly -from abroad!).

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Mei said...

As you well know, they're not talking about drawing strength, this is about fighting elections while not using the massive cash donations enjoyed by London based parties.

And if the money was left in a will, then it was not raised from property sales. Do try to be more clear (and why not provide evidence!).