Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Communities First brings more success-ask Max Boyce

It seems that even Max Boyce has felt the power of Communities First with the success of the funding in Maes Barcer bringing new people to Y Galeri to see a perfroming opportunity. This is just one example of how Labour's programme for hard pressed communities can bring success.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

How sad, Martin, that you feel the need to steal the credit for Max's generous spirit in order to claim glory for your political cause.

Its attitudes such as this that turn people away from party politics and that harm the democratic process.

Even in your zeal to puff up a Labour policy (which fails poor people in rural areas miserably, by the way), you couldn't find an inch of blog space to give the credit where it was really due by saying "thanks Max" for your kindness.


Martin Eaglestone said...

slight over reaction to a fairly simple fact that Communities First is providing opportunities in such please - don't see much wrong with that.

Llwyd said...

err sorry Martin; Maxy paid up because we didnt have enough money to run the scheme properly

and the last time I looked labour were raiding the arts kitty to pay for the olympics which makes it so much harder for us to carry on funding schemes like the Peblig pass in the future.

if you want to use our projects as part of your propaganda why not come and visit us so we can tell you what its *really* like to run a community first project- and how your party colleagues in the assembly are making our lives twice as difficult as they need to be

(Co-ordinator Peblig Communities First)