Thursday, September 20, 2007

Inside the tent

Glyn makes use of some leaked info which I find perfectly illustrates why the dynamic of Welsh politics changed with the One Wales agreement.

If IWJ and other Plaid politicians now find themselves speaking to official stats rather than the former tactic of pursuing people like Andrew Davies then I see that as a benefit if having them in the tent. Their former motives (perhaps just the role of opposition?) can be queried but what do their activists think - surely their world didn;t improve that quickly ? Or is was never too bad in the first place ?

Oh well welcome to Government and a new maturity.


Christopher Glamorgan said...

Why are we all left thinking that their activists will remain silent for the time being? ;>D

Martin Eaglestone said...

Perhaps they won't but that would mean trouble for One Wales. The apparent move to accept seats in the Lords probably reflects the changing face of nationalism - but I'm not at what point the tension with tradition gets too much - one of IWJs biggest internal challenges I assume.