Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vaughan well briefed

The BBCs Vaughan Roderick blogs about Welsh Labour's election review and I suspect is well briefed. How do I know? Well as one of those who helped the review group it became clear the Party needed an honest, open assessment so we could learn valuable lessons to strengthen our future activities. Find a translation here.

Clearly the circumstances of the next Assembly elections will be different by 2011 and we will have completed several more sets of elections before that time (Westminster, councils and Europe) but the need for a clear programme of work and activities is made in the report.

The report may well feed a short frenzy of speculation but mature responses will realise that it is valuable for a Party like Labour to reflect, learn and move forward. While Gordon's poll ratings give us a valuable short term boost we must continue to adapt our work to evolving situations.

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