Saturday, September 29, 2007

Shining new ground

Being married to a rabid Evertonian I was amused to be sent a picture of their new ground. The sender may have supported the other Merseyside team !


Rhydian said...

On behalf of Hywel Williams MP (Caernarfon), all the
people of
Bontnewydd,the communities surrounding Llanwnda, and
all other interested parties are invited to a Public
Meeting at the Bontnewydd Centre, near Caernarfon, on
October 1st at 7.30 pm. Hywel will be discussing his
work, the upcoming Queen's Speech and his plans for
the next year, current topics of interest, as well as
the upcoming UK general election. This will be an
evening that you cannot afford to miss!

Cangen Bontnewydd, Plaid Cymru Branch

Martin Eaglestone said...

See I'll even post Hywel's meetings in a spirit of blog democracy. Pleased to see Hywel will discuss the "upcoming UK general election" - perhaps he has a hot line to Blair.

Aled said...

Oh it would be so funny if it didnt smack of opportunism.

Election fever is in the air so a Plaid Cymru elected representative finally decides to hold a public meeting.

Now where have we seen that before...?

Why he even followed the trend of having a "new website coming soon"

Do these people really think we will fall for this blatant "I want your vote so I will bother to try and communicate with you once every four years" nonsense...