Friday, April 04, 2008

Eve of big game - early start

So the web site of Gwynedd Council gives us some idea of the runners and riders for May 1st. My own ward (Y Felinheli) will switch from Labour to Plaid without a contest. C'est la vie, and good luck to Sian Gwenllian as she steps forward to represent the village on Gwynedd Council.
It seems there are more elections to be contested than normal and some interesting battles to come. I suspect Dafydd Iwan could be in trouble in Bontnewydd and contacts tell me Parry Hughes has problems.
Labour group leader Brian Jones seems to be have been returned unopposed.
Of course we have to wait the full process and make sure noone withdraws, and all papers are accepted. Good luck to all of Labour's candidates.
In my case I have to apologise for the first full Saturday of the campaign as I am off to WEMBLEY WEMBLEY


Normal Mouth said...

Very disappointing, Martin. I had to go to the BBC website rather than your blog to get the result.

Now the Bluebirds won't be able to beat you in the final.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I know. I don't carry sufficiently modern devices to blog live etc and the trains kept me away from my pc.

I am a devoted Cardiff fan for the final !