Thursday, April 03, 2008

Last minute reminder!

For anyone thinking of contesting the council elections on May 1st the nominations close at 12.00 midday tomorrow (Friday 4th April). That concludes the public service announcement.
We will then get some clearer idea of how many seats are being contested in Gwynedd and whether all the threats of Llais Gwynedd are sustained to the nomination period. It promises to be interesting and wards facing an election that have not seen democracy such as voting in years!.
The Gwynedd Labour Party is shaping well given the general climate, and seems to have a similar number of candidates ready as for the previous Gwynedd election.

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Clogwyn said...

If Llais Gwynedd are prepared to fight against the plague of pebble-dash that is threatening to deface the buildings of Gwynedd, I'll vote for them.

With very few exceptions, pebble-dash eliminates the character of a building and degrades the neighbourhood environment. I can not decide whether it reminds me more of the 'boiler suit' of Chairman Mao's China or seabird guano - neither thought-picture is appealing.

Gwynedd needs a cheerful face, not the dull palour of a dying man. Our ancestors didn't pebble-dash, pebble-dash is not appropriate to Welsh architecture and it is very depressing. Let's fight for the face of Wales as well as the Voice of Wales.

Until very recently I have voted for, and supported Plaid Cymru, at every opportunity. Plaid has changed, power has not been handled very well by the party and I, for one, am very disappointed in their performance.