Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eve of poll

Only a brave (some might say foolhardy) candidate would be disturbing voters tonight as Liverpool and Chelsea battle for 2nd spot in the Champion's League final. So its all down to polling day. My thoughts about the day.
Well I will focus my thoughts on Plaid Cymru in Gwynedd. (on the basis that others will be posting about Labour in the urban areas).
I start from the point that for many years the Party of Wales have been the local "establishment" here in Gwynedd and therefore should know where their core supporters are to help turn out the vote. A test of their machine - if it still exists.
Yet I also have a feeling some willing workers have left for the pasture of protest vote represented by Llais Gwynedd. That could mean trouble in a number of wards. There are also wards where the Plaid candidates are past their sell by date - it happens in all parties.
Popular local candidates might just unseat some big Plaid names, and it would be no surprise if Dafydd Iwan and Richard Parry Hughes are feeling the heat come the count. If either fall that will be a big news story in Gwynedd. If Plaid Cymru loose control then it will be another council with no overall control and not having the political direction (like it or not) of recent years.
And then what? Well the balance of seats, and who can deal with who, will be interesting. The Plaid and Llais battle has become very bitter and very personal in places. So deals could be difficult. Labour - lets see how many seats we get first, and their distribution. Some gains are possible for us (3 have a great interest to me), but from the relatively small pool of candidates we have in Gwynedd. The "independents" will be a group that could be facing some interesting choices.
So local elections having some real interest and some real implications for local communities.

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