Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bloggers rage - "Poor Martin"

Dear me it seems that to blog we now require perfect spilling (!!) of every word, and to spend our waking time checking postings. Little did I realise that giving a little of my time to offloading random thoughts, stories, pictures and ideas would cause such upset. I don't force anyone to read this - indeed I am sure there are more constructive uses of time.

However after previous rounds of 'nat' attacks on the blog I do generally moderate and that can cuase some delay in posting comments. For example yesterday I was largley away from a pc after the posting on Cymdeithas Cledwyn, and I have only just caught up with a couple of comments-which are now posted.

I am more than happy to take the personal criticism and insults - perhaps it makes someone out there feel better. In contrast to the frustration expressed by Ordivicus, I think blogmenai has posted some valid comments about creating reasons to vote 'for' something, rather than just being anti-Tory.

Perhaps in truth a few of my nationalist friends just get upset at a Labour voice posing questions, poking the local establishment and who just won't go away (like a bad rash).

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Toby said...

Don't let the b'tards grind you down!