Saturday, June 28, 2008

Do Wigley and Jones now think a "bribe" is a good thing?

I suppose we all come to revise our opinions over time.
It was during the lead up to the last Assembly election that Dafydd Wigley and Alun Ffred Jones AM issued a letter referring to the role of regeneration grants and that using such incentives to attract companies could be a "bribe". I called for the withdrawal of such a stupid allegation and note that no such noises have been made with recent job creating announcements by the One Wales Government.
It seems the Plaid leader of Gwynedd Council has no qualms about an Assembly grant, and I wonder whether the Deputy First Minister sees his announcement as a "bribe" or, my view, just sensible use of monies to help support and improve the local economy ?
As I say we can all change our opinions over time, especially if we move from the opposition benches to Government limos!!

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