Sunday, June 29, 2008

Caernarfon needs "emergency" marketing

In welcoming Eluned Morgan MEP to Caernarfon last Friday I have made a call for an "emergency" marketing campaign for Caernarfon to help the town through the current problems of redevelopment and change.

I discussed with Eluned the challenges which face the town as it goes through a period of major change. My key message remains the same. The decision about Victoria Dock has been made, and the big challenge now is that the 'old' and the 'new' town must find effective ways of working together for everyone's long term benefit. When there is disruption and change that is not easy, but the focus must be on making the best of the changes taking place. To help in that I am calling on Gwynedd Council and the Welsh Assembly Government to lead an "emergency" marketing campaign in local hotels, caravan parks and camping sites during the Summer holidays to ensure visitors are not put off coming to the town. This will ensure the town can best respond to the challenge of this change and be helped through a difficult period.

It often falls on local councils to lead marketing initiatives and given the impact of the current scheme it would seem very sensible to put an emergency campaign in place which will help traders over the Summer period and make sure the town can benefit from the investment and change.

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