Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upsetting blog meani

Having taken a break I am only just catching up with the recent blog postings of others. It seems that my recent arguments in the local weekly press about the next Westminster election clearly now being a clear red-blue choice has upset the prolific blogmenai. Roughly and abruptly translated "The problem with Martin Eaglestone" is that by making this choice very clear it is negative campaigning, and giving people a reason why they should vote Labour.

Fair argument menai, but while Plaid may be quite happy to consider deals with the Tories, and we know that the Party of Wales in Arfon voted to support the 'Rainbow' in the Assembly, some of us are still motivated by the desire to keep the Tories out.

Voting Labour in Arfon in the next Westminster election is one simple way to acheive that outcome and protect Arfon from the Tories.

Now I need to speak to Gordon about riding out the storm and providing the good reasons why Arfon needs Labour - but those investments and new opportunities were listed in the press if ignored by menai in his posting.


menaiblog said...

Your election strategy is entirely a matter for you of course.

Without translating the whole thing I think that I basically make two points about the strategy:

1) A successful selectoral trategy requires a positive rational for voting for you.

2) The vote Plaid get Tory strategy has even less credibility now than it did in 2007 - the mathematics of Westminster is very different to that of Cardiff Bay, very few now expect Labour to be re elected & we are in coalition with you in Cardiff - something you argued couldn't happen.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I think both are valid points.

But an electoral strategy contains a number of elements, and those wanting to protect wales from the remembered pain of the Tories (and their 'friends' in Plaid???) will see a Labour government at Westminster as a useful thing.

However I accept that creating the conditions to vote 'for'something is also important to Labour.