Friday, October 19, 2007

Big steps

I will need to read the detail of Gwynedd's school reforms but it seems the council cannot be accused of holding back. We will all await with interest the reaction but I suspect this could prove seismic for Plaid in heartland areas.

There is also the tactic of making a big splah expecting a smaller return.


menaiblog said...

It’s instructive that every time you refer to the matter primary school reorganisation in Gwynedd that you see it primarily in terms of the political difficulties it might cause to the Plaid Cymru administration.

It’s a serious matter for the whole of the county & your attitude is, to put it kindly, disappointing.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I see it in those terms because many leading lights in Plaid Cymru have campaigned for so long on these issues, only to face the reality of being in the "hot seat".
It is not easy anywhere, but there is I feel a great irony in what the Plaid council are doing.

The life style changes that lead to these decisions were taken some 20 years ago when socio economic and lifestyle changes meant we stopped reproducing at earlier levels.

Of course our One Wales Government will want the issues addressed.

Has anyone checked whther there is the capital to build the new schools ?