Friday, October 12, 2007

Cardiff's affordables

Work took me off to Cardiff and an Excellence Wales event on Cardiff CCs affordable housing policies. The coach tour took us past the Millenium Centre, but having missed last night's Dragon Eye (drinking I'm afriad) the significance passed me by.

Anyway we all know of Cardiff's economic boom and the dramatic increase in house building levels (they have built more in one year than Anglsey builds in ten yers) but it seems many of Cardiff's completions are in apartments in the Bay.

That is of little use to local families and not aimed at need - this all sounds a little familiar.

Also much debate amongst housing and planning officers on the coach on how we will all feel in 20 years time about the new apartment blocks that have been put up ?

Anyway worthwhile and always lessons that can be transferred in spite of rural-urban differences.

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