Monday, October 15, 2007


No not a reference to Ming, but the implosion that seems to be hitting Plaid Cymru around the schools reorganisation in Gwynedd. With a new political "party" also in the making for next May's council elections it is clear that Plaid face a difficult 9 months as they struggle to reconcile a responsibility for efficient public services with the decline in the numbers of young people in our midst.

Anyway those not wanting to support Plaid's Gwynedd leadership have to face the hard truth that in Dwyor and Meirionnydd there are major school issues, surplus places, that need to be addressed.

Plaid's problem I feel is that they have spent so long going round the issues and the options, that they have lost people's confidence and the ability to act. I suspect it could prove very damaging to them. When it is time to act it is often better to get on with it - ask Ming !

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