Saturday, October 27, 2007

Will Plaid back slide ?

The stakes are really high for Plaid in the schools debate. At a national level as part of the 'One Wales' government they cannot over turn the logic that money spent on surplus school places is money being lost to other important public service priorities ( the same as for Labour councils). Yet the issue is far more emotive for traditional supporters of the Party of Wales as I perceive much of their traditional campaigning - while in opposition - was for small schools and rural areas. It was the evil Labour Party who ignored their rural interests etc etc.

It is the stench of hypocrisy that will drive much of the anger that will be vented at Plaid in the coming weeks and months.

Having previously 'persuaded' people on to the Plaid ticket for council elections I wonder how many will suddenly find independence an attractive option before May 2008 ?

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