Thursday, June 28, 2007

2 leaders on the line ?

So a few personal thoughts on the Red-Green deal as I suspect we face a week of somewhat tense debate as both parties prepare for wider endorsement (or not as the case may be).

A few weeks ago I feared the Rainbow was a done deal and felt angry that the Tories would be allowed back in with no signifcant mandate from the people. I suppose my own feelings are reference to that possible event.

I was amongst those who said "No Tory coalition" and given the uncertain verdict of the people of Wales on May 3rd then it is a reality that we have to make some arrangement for more effective government.

As the Lib Dems have gone AWOL for some undetermined period (until Mike German goe ?) then we are left with one other Party standing.

The One Wales agreement contain smuch to commend it, and some necessary give and take to deliver a joint platform. That is the effect of PR. I think laptops is a silly gimmick and grants for home buyers a waste of resources as it is a supply side problem.

So I will back Rhodri in this agreement and see what results from the Red-Green work.


Alwyn ap Huw said...

The important part of the deal, as you know, is the referendum issue.

I don't like the deal because I have experience of Labour's "so called" support in two previous devolution referenda, which was practically non-existent on the yes side, but very vocal on the no side.

Can you, and your fellow Labour candidates in the recent election, give a categorical guarantee that you, and those who canvassed for you in the last election will go out and canvass in support of a yes vote in the next devolution referendum?

I suspect that you can't, and for the third time we will see Plaid members tramping around the constituencies trying to sell a Labour party policy, whilst Labour party members either sit on their hands or actively oppose their own party's policy.

Martin Eaglestone said...

You are right Alwyn. While I would argue for Scoittish style powers no one can gaurantee any such support from all party members because there is a spectrum of opinion in the Labour Party. I always feel a spectrum that is a reflection of the people of Wales. Let us never forget they did not fall over themselves to crate it, and in spite of PR turn out is worringly low.

I also fear that if Red-Green does not put this deal to bed we can forget any campapign for some time - the people of Wales will loose heart in the Assembly.

Ian said...

We need to build up a consensus for a Parliament, bringing on board a very broad spectrum of organisations. We also need to ensure that we call it when there is a realistic chance of winning it.

We will get there, but it'll be a very bumpy ride.