Saturday, June 09, 2007

A little bit of knowledge ....

I have been following blog debate and commentary about Adam Price and Edwina's recent contributions on partnership work but find that the disection of Adam's thoughts by Ordivicius remind me of the words that a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. What I think is most difficult in this is that Adam is not in the Bay so he cannot call the shots compared to Ieaun.

I am composing my thoughts on the red-green agenda and will return to it shortly.

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menaiblog said...

I'll give you my thoughts - for what they're worth on these matters.

There will either be a Labour / Plaid coalition or a Plaid / Tory / Lib Dem coalition in Cardiff in a couple of months time.

Which it is, is largely in Labour's hands. There's no doubt that if given a choice most Plaid members would rather go into government with Labour than with the Tories. In my mind there's no doubt at all about that.

The present hybrid PR system makes it inevitable that parties will end up sharing power more often than not.

The big question is whether there has been enough of a cultural shift within Welsh Labour to come to terms with this new electoral reality?

Labour isn't used to sharing power. Where they have done so in the past they've done with a non ideological, small party that's easy to dominate, namely the Lib Dems.

Sharing power with Plaid won't be such an experience - the relationship would be more equal & there would have to be an agreed programme for government.

It's all in Rhodri's hand - but one way or the other Plaid will be in power in a couple of months time.