Thursday, June 07, 2007

Grid lock by road blocks.

Rhodri is seeking to negotiate his way out of some post election road blocks and it will be interesting to see what space the road blockers open up on our political roads to allow things to move forward.

While health is seen as the "big" road block there are any number of wicked issues that Wales must face if it is to meet the targets set in the terminology that we often and easily use : leading/cutting edge/ world leader.

Will all these wicked issues lead to more road blocks, and will the journey then become so slow that Wales cannot meet its own aspirations ?. Can the political sat nav cope, and at what point does it break down, or send us up dead ends ?.

No matter who runs the show the issues are wicked - and I don't think Labour should just sit in the Ministerial chairs to see Wales reach gridlock by road blocks.

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