Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red-Green politics

For me red-green politics has so far meant engaging in ideas promoted by SERA as there is a need to engage the social, economic and environmental justice for the future of our societies.

Now politics in Wales may take a new turn on Red-Green with IWJ taking some time to engage with Labour ideas as well as the ideas on the Rainbow.

I must admit I am a little unsure whether this is to appease internal unease at the Rainbow before making the move to a Rainbow after July's national council or a clear move to see Red-Green politics in Wales.

So after weeks of contemplation I suppose I should offer my own thoughts on all this, although they are only those of a former candidate, not anyone at the heart of the action.

My first feeling is that I will show loyalty to Rhodri Morgan and what direction he recommends for Labour in Wales. I have always found much common ground with views he expresses and see no reason to doubt him on this. That is why we elect leaders.

Secondly I said t'other day that Adam Price's blog was worth some coffee time - let that now turn in to negotiating time. Although we have seen plenty of blog talk against Adam's views.

Thirdly I am relaxed about the constitutional referendum - we need to tidy it up quickly or people will turn against the idea due to Assembly uncertainty.

Fourthly as the major party Labour's policies will need to hold significant, but not any absolute ,sway.

It will not be easy for anyone but there could be advantages. Given the combined seat numbers then at least there would be stability and potentially some space for Ministers to be on government business and not just focussed on votes in the Chamber. I think the new powers need that space.

I think it is time to see my AM at his surgery for a chat about these important issues.

Could it reflect some longer term realignments in welsh politics ?- well I think we can all agree it is one step at a time for now. Step one contains enough potential pain and bumpy roads.

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Activist said...

Well said Martin you align with a suprising number of the Labour members I choose to spend time with. Wales needs to find its own way to bring socialists together and deliver the shared vision for a fair and socially just society. For now that is probably a coalition with Plaid, in the future who knows, but we progressives in Welsh Labour must continue the process of redefining Welsh politics in the context of a devolved United Kingdom.