Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Don't be mean - it is a significant political event

Rumblings continue amongst some Labour people but I think the significance of today's event should not belittled. As is stated here and here Plaid Cymru have taken a significant step and entered government.

I think this has its own consequences to which Plaid will need time to adjust. Now tied to an agreement about a programme of government, and required to defend the hard politics of priorities, and no doubt facing many examples of having their own words quoted back to them in debates.

It will mean they can't go the local papers complaining every week and "good" news is a matter for the coalition - not just Plaid.

What will Gwynedd Council tell the Herald each week - I detect that there will be a different tone in their comments on the Assembly !

(or will tensions between Gwynedd and Ieuan bubble up ???)


el Tom said...

Hugeley popular on the parts of supporters of both parties, if you swallow the Western Mail line.

Martin Eaglestone said...

and yet obviously more complex given the tribal nature of some politics. This will be very much suck it and see for many people, and will need hard work when the winds blow against.