Thursday, July 05, 2007

Labour- a reflection of Wales ?

As Friday's vote approaches then in both mainstream, and blogging world, the stresses of the potential Red-Green vote are showing all round. Some see fundamental rifts in the debate while others reflect the tension in the nationalist camp.

I have always felt that as Labour is a broad church, not formed for nationalist purposes, then it is no surprise that we find the current vote difficult. I am not a delegate at the special conference but shared my view with colleagues by e-mail as follows :

"I write as an individual member, who happens to have been a candidate. I see there are a number of e-mails flying around as we consider our judgement on the efforts to create a stable government for Wales. For anyone who is interested I set out below my own thoughts.

I have not met anyone yet who feels we should let the Tories back in to power, and that is the principal driving force for my opinions. At the moment the Lib Dems seem to have gone missing and it is ironic that the one party which promotes PR, and claims progressive views, has acted so strangely after May 3rd.

So I do feel Red-Green is a viable option, and we must now back Rhodri Morgan and support the vote on July 6th. As someone who largely entered democratic politics to contest this patch (Caernaron/Arfon) against Plaid Cymru I feel we must have confidence in our own role as the major partner, and trust the people of Wales to amend their constitutional status at a pace they will choose - not when the political class try and impose a timetable.

Party politics is at its most challenging when we face hard decisions and at this moment I beleive Rhodri deserves our support.

Best wishes to you all
Martin Eaglestone"


Anonymous said...

I have not met anyone yet who feels we should let the Tories back in to power

Funny, every nationalist I know in Gwynedd wanted the rainbow.

Martin Eaglestone said...

I stand corrected - digon teg.

But they haven't gone down the Tory route at the end.

Plaid people I'm meeting seem okay about the deal - but the proof of the pudding for us all etc etc.

Perhaps that other nationalist party you've floated may appear over the rainbow ???