Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tories love of devolution ?

Perhaps the failure to acheive the Rainbow will affect opposition power in the Assembly. Its at points like this that I have a twinge of sympathy for people like Guto Bebb and Dylan Jones Evans who I think would focus on the Assembly and not other places.

"What a cheek!

Carpet bagging Tory's been an AM for less than three months and already he's looking elsewhere…

LABOUR today slammed a Tory AM for seeking election to Parliament in a totally different constituency than the one he represents in the Assembly. Alun Cairns was elected to the Assembly for the south Wales west region less than three months ago. But today it was announced that he will stand for Parliament in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Labour AM for Swansea East Val Lloyd called for him to give up his Assembly seat. She said he should show more respect to the people of south Wales west who elected him as a Tory representative in May. VAL LLOYD said: "Alun Cairns' move shows a blatant disrespect to the people in the south west of Wales. It is less than three months after the election and he is already looking about for his next opportunity. It's a disgrace. "How can Alun Cairns properly represent the concerns of people in the south west of Wales when he is campaigning for election in a completely different region? "Just like his leader David Cameron, he is cutting and running from his constituency at the first opportunity. "I call on Carpet Bagger Cairns to resign his seat in the Assembly at once so that people in the south west of Wales get the full-time representation they deserve."

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