Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reflect and learn

I posted about a language issue in the villlage and see Cymuned protested on the issue. Maes -e is discussing variious tactics of protest and inconvenience.

My advice is for the manager/owner to reflect on their attitude,invite the former waitress and her famil down for some reconciliation. but I do not yet rush to the legislative conclusion that others may propose.

Don't abuse me (!) but this is where my views currently stand, but they are not static.


Aran said...

While it is of course legitimate to argue that this doesn't prove the need for legislation, it's a line that surely needs to be backed up.

Do you think that the examples that reach the news are the only instances of this kind of behaviour?

Do you think that a case by case response will deal successfully with a majority of instances?

Do you believe that legislation which established the rights of Welsh speakers to use Welsh at work (in situations that did not make it impossible for someone else to do their job, cf current CRE guidelines) would have any negative impact on businesses in Wales?

You clearly don't approve of this kind of negative behaviour - in which case, presumably you don't believe that 'do nothing' is the right response.

You've offered reasonable alternatives to legislation for this particular, individual case. How would you propose ensuring that the 'common sense' approach is achieved in a majority of these situations?

Martin Eaglestone said...

Fair points that I am absorbing and will consider.

I do beleive that the "rights" debate is a strong one.

Aran said...

I agree that the rights debate is important, but of course it's also complicated - your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins, ayyb.

Will look forward with interest to reading your considered responses...