Thursday, July 19, 2007

IWJ, the business community and Welsh language legislation

With the announcement of new Ministers I foresee another fascinating tension as the Deputy First Minister "listens" to the business sector regarding their views on the need for Welsh language legislation in the private sector, while also managing his own Party's aspirations for more and stronger powers. As Minister for the Economy does he feel Thomas Cook, Stenna, Anglesey Aluminium or small shop keepers in Pwllheli should be forced in to such legisation ?

(for the record I have mixed views and am yet to be convinced- but may be persuadable given the evidence. I do not take the same view of language legislation that for example the Tories took of the minimum wage i.e dire warnings about the end of our economy).

However these are the examples where Plaid will find being in government very different to opposition aspirations. It will be a fascinating process and who can guess what critical motions may appear on Plaid conference agendas if insufficent progress is made. Will slow incremental change be enough ?

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