Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An age of identity crisis

There is clearly something in the water.

Apart from reliving some of Billy Bragg's great sing along tunes ( with added edge) I attended his talk on "Can Britishness be defined in a new bill of rights?" and was interested to see how Bragg would devlop the debate.
In truth, and as the audience pointed out, his Britishness debate was perhaps more closely linked to him defining a progressive and left view of Englishness, rather than "Britishness" per se. The purpose of his admirable journey being to grapple with issues of identity in order to counter more extreme views promoted by the BNP. Bragg understood why people might feel a dual identity (e.g. Welsh-British) but I'm not sure he was tuned in to the impacts of those seeing a single national (non-English) identity as can be found around Welsh blog land.

I then return home to find David Banks in the Daily Post writing about Wales "Resigned to being a nation divided" and some August ramblings about the north-south divide and cultural differences, seemingly fostered by Labour MPs.
Must check my water suply.

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