Friday, August 10, 2007

Dafydd stamps his feet !

Judging by the letters page and corrections in the Daily Post it seems Dafydd Wigley has thrown a strop that anyone should suggest his Eisteddfod speech was a criticism of red-green. Dafydd is fulsome in his explanation that all he had in mind was a call for more dosh from London.

Now this is where I think its more difficult as it is simply not practical for Plaid to now sign up for a programme of government that is delivered out of hard negotiation and then expect someone else to fund major chunks of it. It means either (a) Plaid and Ieuan don't undertstand the costs of their programme - thus I agree dragging Labour down the same road, or (b) they are not really serious about focussing on delivery.

Perhaps specific bids for joint priorities might get some chance of attention but I doubt if generalised calls for more dosh will ever succeed. Otherwise we await the outcome of spending reviews, but with less stable economic conditions I don't expect much. However some pre election sweeties might prove useful to Wales. is that right - perhaps not but it is where we currently are and no use pretending otherwise.

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