Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hot on Y Maes

Diwrnod boeth iawn ar Maes yr Eisteddfod ac gyfle am sgwrs gyda nifer o wynebu o gwahannol cefndir - sedd un o cryfderau y Maes.

Scorching weather on the Maes and a chance to catch up with various friends and acquaintanes. Including a chat with Dylan Iorwerth about the Welsh language print scene and whether we can cope with Y Dydd as well as Golwg, Y Cymro, (and the Herald Cymraeg insert in the Daily Post) amongst others. I sense no one is quite convinced about the market for a daily Welsh langauge paper, and how much capacity is their in the market ? What did the seemingly positive tone of the red-green deal mean in this respect ?

A claim to Welsh cultural fame as I played football (aged some 7-15 years old) with Dylan who is a winner of the "Goron". I am sure it was Baggies influence that drove him to greater things ! (Not his support of the Spurs as I recall)

No doubt this revelation may lead some to question Dylan's choice of company but I find him an interesting, amicable and passionate acquaintance.

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