Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back for Steddfod !

So after a few fine days watching the dolphins in Cei Newydd. I have kept clear of the news and apart from some stuff about Great Whites (I admit I didn't see them in New Quay !) and some football transfer stories I don't have much idea what went on until this morning's F&M story.

So what does blog land tell me about the week that passed : well I am back in time to catch Normal Mouth flagging up some pre Staddfod nonsense from Adam Price, and how could I survive without Lembit's latest antics (is he that scared of Glyn Davies ?), even Tribune is running with a Rhodri to retire early story - "has told friends he is to step down as First Minister and Labour leader - possibly as early as next year".

Paul Flynn offers some comments on today's foot and mouth outbreak while the Guardian as often turns my mind to the scale of disasters elsewhere in the world.

So a simple selection of things that caught my eye on return to blog land and a chnace for my reflection in the days ahead.

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