Monday, August 06, 2007

Some words from AFJ on Red-Green

Gwe usefully highlights a forthcoming publication from the IWA about the red-green process. Some comments about Jane Hutt but also some words from Arfon's AM Alun Ffred Jones :

"The book also reveals why Plaid Cymru opted to be a junior partner in a Labour-led government, rather than choosing what became known as the Rainbow alternative, with the party’s leader Ieuan Wyn Jones as First Minister in a coalition with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. Plaid was divided on this question, but the Rainbow deal would have required the three Opposition parties to devise a reason for a motion of no confidence.

As Plaid Cymru’s Arfon AM Alun Ffred Jones, who switched sides for this reason, explained: “One we’d installed Rhodri Morgan as First Minister, the game had changed. I felt we couldn’t play fast and loose with votes of no confidence. There would have to be a credible reason for making a challenge. I would have felt uncomfortable in manufacturing a vote of no confidence.”

So Aron was rainbow but moved as the debate moved on. At least a confirmation of elements of the process and debate. Did Wigley agree with Ffred?


Che Grav-ara said...

I dont get what point your trying to make here Martin? That AFJ had the political responsibility to avoid manufacturing a vote of no confidence. It seems and important and justified position to me?

Martin Eaglestone said...

It is nice to hear what Ffred's view was/is, as he refused a number of times on radio Cymru to share his views.