Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Crachach - an easy hit ?

Lots of excitement in Welsh blogland after Dylan Jones-Evans (like myself a candidate who missed out in May) posts on the "crachach", clealrly a group feared/despised/hated in various degrees. They may exist, as in other societies, but I commented as follows :

"On the substantive point it is surely no surprise that societies contain some political/ societal "elites" and the job of the rest is to unsettle them and create our alternative structures.Just don't get sucked in and then change is more possible. Perhaps reflecting that devolution in itself is not the solution but the policies / values that drive us".

So we might get more value from exploring common values amongst those who are not the crachach to generate more change- but then we might be infiltrated by the crachach - and more paranoia generated. In addition there are clearly problems in how some perceive the C, who is in and who is out ? Perhaps someone should open those blog polls I see in other places to poll on the C !

Oh well off to Mold/Wyddgrug to see the crachach.

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