Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dafydd's clarifications - more please

For those who don't read Y Cymro then the reference to Dafydd Iwan's letter in the press would not have made much sense. So courtesy of Plaid Cymru Bontnewydd (Plaid's unofficial web site it seems) and a linked translation from Sanddef here is the clarification to election rumours.

So Dafydd can we be clear :

1. Do you still hold shares in the company Arianrhod, where you were a former director ?

2. Does that company own several properties on Castle Square Caernarfon ?

3. Will those properties generally benefit from the Assembly/Gwynedd Council improvement works on their doorstep?

4. What is the nature of your brother's (Arfon's AM) shreholding interest in the company?

5. Since what does has he held shares in this company ?

6. Was it before January 2008 ?

7. Did he, or you, hold shares when the publicly funded improvements were being discussed ?

8. Which other Plaid Cymru AMs have shareholding interest in Arianrhod ?

Just asking as you seem in the mood for public statements to provide post election clarifications. Don't want any ticking timebombs left unanswered.

Clarification will reassure all those people who tell me the "facts" and "questions" I have published are of legitimate public interest.

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menaiblog said...

I assume that the letter in Y Cymro was in response to certain rumours made by Llais Gwynedd candidates in the recent elections.

As far as I'm aware no allegations were made regarding Arianrhod. Why then would he mention that in his letter?